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Carbon Impact Initiative

Founding Partners:

Program Snapshot

Industry executives will work with government leaders to reduce the carbon impact from commercial buildings. Together, we will explore carbon reduction strategies across all stages of project development, from design to operations. We will also track the “embodied” carbon within the supply chain and construction process to achieve a true low carbon accounting system.

Development Structure

Stage 1: Workshop

EllisDon has facilitated and hosted an industry leaders workshop to engage executives from the building and energy sectors to explore strategies that can reduce the carbon impact from the construction, renovation and operation of commercial buildings.

Stage 2: Action Plan

Findings from the workshop will be compiled into a comprehensive action plan. The plan will highlight the perspectives and view points discussed at the workshop, and present options in the development of a low carbon building pilot project.

Stage 3: Pilot Project

EllisDon will facilitate the search for a client interested in participating in a pilot building project. The selected project will be expected to adopt the recommendations identified through the action plan. The building will target the highest levels of performance of net-zero-energy and dramatically reduce carbon output during construction and operation.

Stage 4: Market Report

A market report will be published to present objectives, outline the development process from workshop through to design and construction, and then highlight the challenges and accomplishments achieved through the pilot project.

Stage 5: Outcomes & Program Delivery

Based on the efforts outlined above, a group of advisors will be engaged to establish a formal committee of experts. The committee of experts will be tasked with outlining details of a low carbon building incentive program to be rolled out across Ontario by 2017.

“Scientific consensus states that carbon emissions must be reduced by 80% by 2050 to avoid temperature rise of more than 2 degrees Celsius,”

Natural Capital Partners

The Carbon impact Initiative is a program of EllisDon's Low Carbon Agenda

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