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Carbon Impact

A strategic direction for the development of future buildings and communities

EllisDon Corporation has established the Carbon Impact Initiative program as a means to engage market leaders across sectors in response to the new priorities society and the environment are placing on our buildings and infrastructure.

Now acting as facilitators, the Carbon Impact Initiative is driven by a collective effort of some of the most successful companies and organizations in Canada. As a collective, we work together to advocate for sustainability in the built environment and collaborate on bringing projects to the next generation of efficiency and sustainability.

We must also be prepared for the rapid pace at which emerging technologies are transforming our markets and we must do so in a resource responsible way to ensure global populations have access to the tools they need to drive a growing economy.

Founding Partners:

Industry Action Items


Urban buildings can no longer be built to operate as independent, self- sufficient structures. New interactive technologies across communications, transportation and energy are demanding buildings interface with their surroundings. EllisDon is well positioned to explore solutions and respond to the growing demand for net-zero energy and zero emissions development.

02Carbon Accounting

Buildings can be designed to meet aggressive performance targets and managed to operate as intended but we will only truly understand the carbon impact of a building once the construction process is added to the equation.

03Technology Integration

To encourage the adoption of new technologies into buildings and infrastructure, we need to build confidence these products will perform to industry expectations.To accomplish this, we will assist with the commercialization of new clean-tech through incubation hubs.

04Return on Investment

The aggressive social and environmental targets recommended by international agencies in response to climate change cannot be achieved without the leadership of large national and multi-national corporations.

"A ‘global’ strategy for EllisDon refers to our changing role in the world, and our growing determination to lead change rather than merely anticipate it."

Geoff Smith

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